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We first opened our doors in 1988 on Green Valley Road, we then moved to the then new center on the corner of Francisco Dr and Green Valley. When Raley's opened it's new center on Park Drive, we relocated again to benefit from being in a major center. Well, with the effects of the internet and other competion in our own center. raising costs and rent, we decided to work from a Studio enviorment. This has allowed us to continue the type of quality work I like to do and still stay in business. I love El Dorado Hills, this community has always been good to my business. When you order flowers from us we give it our best attention and take care of all the details you cannot get from ordering on line. It has almost been 25 years for us and still passionate about what we do. Thank You, Marilyn Kasko, El Dorado Hills Florist

Golden Foothill Pkwy. #10
El Dorado Hills, Ca. 95762
916 933 4323